welcome letters 2024

Viktor Gusev, General Director, Egida Group of Companies

 Ladies and gentlemen! 

On behalf of the Egida Group of Companies, I welcome participants and guests of the 12th Kazakhstan International “Protection, Security, Rescue and Fire Safety Exhibition - Securex Kazakhstan 2024. I am glad that today we can discuss at a high level one of the fundamental needs of both each person and society as a whole - the need for Security. 

From the moment of birth and all subsequent life, a person unconsciously strives for security: at first, cautiously examining the endless stream of cars on the road, which for the first time you need to go through on your own, then, contentiously choosing a trustworthy house, car, bank for your family. The feeling of security and reliability becomes basic for us. 

Confidence that we will definitely see loved ones happy with life and full of energy. Security every day. All this is the norm of life in a developed, progressive society. A society that has a future. The Egida Group of Companies, with its professional attitude to its work and its achievements, confirms the correctness of this statement. 

The Egida Group of Companies is one of the leaders in the security systems market, providing a full range of services in Kazakhstan, the countries of Central Asia, as well as in the Russian Federation. 

The priority areas are the production and sale of security systems, as well as installation, monitoring, design, maintenance and consulting services. Today, the Egida Group of Companies provides a wide range of relevant services, strict quality control of work, the introduction of advanced technologies, and continuous improvement of the customer service system. The Egida Group of Companies is rightfully considered a powerful tandem, shaping a new view of society on security issues. 

The Egida Group of Companies is a team of progressive, dynamically developing, modern companies whose success is based on a highly professional approach to business. Based on professional experience in using reliable security systems, we ensure the safety of life, health and property of customers by introducing innovative technologies on the international market. Every customer is valuable to us. Each project is unique. Ahead of time, we strive to be a leader in the world of security. 

I wish all participants and guests of the Kazakhstan International Securex 2024 Exhibition success and fruitful work!