13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION

Securex 2024 exhibition participants' reviews

Yulia Yakupbayeva, Partner of GPI Group, Chairman of the Council for Sustainable Development and ESG of Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, Member of the Board of the Non-Profit Organization TECHNOWOMEN:

We need such platforms for the industry development. Since Securex Kazakhstan is a well-known exhibition, it was visited by the industry specialists that you would not be able to see in other places. Thanks to the participation of eminent experts, visitors were able to gain useful information about the industry. It is important that topics such as cybersecurity and sustainable development were discussed. In any case, all these factors are very important regarding this activity, which is related to urban security and IT solutions.

Rustam Yakupbayev, Managing Partner of GPI Group, Member of the Council of IT CEO CLUB:

When all the leading companies representing the industry gather on one platform, it is networking, exchange of knowledge, experience, and the opportunity to see advanced technologies. Today at Securex Kazakhstan 2024 we announced a new trend – sustainable technologies. Today such popular companies as ESG turn to us for consulting. We can be called sustainable when large companies impose security requirements on suppliers in all the areas. The exhibition represented a wide range of companies presenting security technologies. Therefore, this is very important. Only on such platforms the industry representatives can see trends and directions for its development. In order to be the industry leaders in accordance with trends, it is necessary to participate and visit such exhibitions, exchange knowledge, acquire new experience, and formulate your strategies.

Evgeniy Pitolin, Independent expert on cybersecurity, IT and communications:

Today a very interesting event was held, one of the first spring events dedicated to cybersecurity in the Southern capital. The expositions at the exhibition and the reports at the sessions showed a lot of useful things both on cybersecurity and on the development of physical and corporate security in the industry. All this is presented on the Securex Kazakhstan platform. I would like to note a few things, the first is undoubtedly the quality of the audience. Every year the level of audience grows. And, of course, this is the point not only of the quantity, but also of the quality of communication, issues, the ability to hear certain things and the meaningfulness of the persons who conduct this communication. The second important point is the representation of companies, especially international ones. Today, the agenda and the companies here that are most interested in cooperation with companies from Kazakhstan are very clearly visible. This is a good plan for the development of both macroeconomic and, in general, foreign economic activities of any manufacturers and integrators who want to work with other countries except Kazakhstan. It is very interesting how companies position themselves, how they formulate theses for participation in the event. Today I am moderating two sections and it is interesting to see that there are topics on the agenda that are unusual for Kazakhstan, such as sustainability, sustainable development, green agenda and some kind of stability. It is obvious that the market has accumulated fatigue from constant changes and wants solutions, approaches and companies that would work on stability. There is no doubt that it is precisely the steps that lead to economic growth, market growth and earnings for all of us. I would like to wish our distinguished guests, all speakers, all exhibitors correct, good communication, sales leads and successful sustainable economic development!

Akmaral Tanikeyeva, Egida Group LLP:

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in such an event. The exhibition is held at the highest level. Thank you for new acquaintances and new partners. At this stage, we have already concluded contracts and also found new partners. Thanks to the exhibition format and extensive advertising, there was great interest in our products, also thanks to our bright and informative stand. We will definitely participate in the exhibition next year and will try to do it on an even larger scale.

Andrey Kassimov, Technical Director of Innodisk (Nova):

This is our first experience of participating in an exhibition in Kazakhstan as a supplier of components. We had doubts about participation because we do not provide ready-made solutions, but components for creating various devices. But participating in the exhibition, we see the interest of visitors in building such systems. Perhaps in the future they will use our products in their devices. If we talk about agreements and partnerships, it is too early to draw any conclusions, but since there is an interest in our products, we notice the exchange of contacts with potential customers. We hope that this will grow into full-fledged contracts and supplies. If we answer the question of whether we plan to participate next year, we will collect information about the exhibition, analyze how successful it was, and if we understand that the advantages are great, then we will participate next year.

Maxim Prakhov, FUDO Security Sales Director:

The impression of participation in the exhibition is positive. Quite a lot of participants were represented, good speeches, good work of the speech moderators, current topics about security, cybersecurity of the Republic of Kazakhstan were raised at the seminars. There was a lot of interest in our product, including interest from participants and potential clients. The target audience is diverse; in any case, information security underlies physical and classical security. Therefore, there was great interest in our stand. We plan to consider the possibility of participation next year.

Valery Valeryevich Kupryushin, Technical Director of KazSIEM:

If we talk about our own impressions, I can say that everything at the exhibition is quite interesting, very well organized, and many interesting participants are represented. Professional visitors with whom we were able to meet and communicate shared their contact information. We have already agreed that next week after the event we will be able to discuss further joint activities in more detail. If we talk about the interest in our solution, at first it seemed that we did not really fit into the theme of the exhibition. However, starting from lunch, more and more specialists from different fields came to our stand, studied our solutions, and were interested in them. Overall, I can say that the time was not wasted. We will definitely consider participating next year.

Maxim Andreyevich Issakov, Head of TargetAI project:

Great interest was expressed to our platform at the exhibition. We have several interesting potential projects after this exhibition. Therefore, I think this year we will begin to implement and pilot them. It was interesting for us to participate. We plan to take part in Securex Kazakhstan exhibition next year as well. We really liked the level of organization and the companies and partners who were present at this exhibition.

Aina Dzhumayeva, Sales Representative of Batna sp.zo.o.:

We came from Poland. Our company is a large European supplier of network equipment. We concluded a lot of agreements at the exhibition, since we have been working with Kazakhstan for many years and our local partners know us and already trust us. There was very great interest in our products. We are very glad that there is such a response from the market of Kazakhstan. We came here for the first time and will be very happy to come here again. We noticed that Kazakhstan is the most developed region of Central Asia.

Dinara Kirikilitsa, Manager of Keeper.kz:

The exhibition, as in previous years, went great. We really enjoyed the participation and we see that there were a lot of people at the site. They made very beautiful stands; we received positive feedback here. We concluded a lot of new contracts, met new faces, many security agencies were present. We received very positive emotions. There was great interest from the audience, since we have new products and our brand has recently been introduced in Kazakhstan. We will definitely participate in the exhibition again, because participation is very fruitful. New acquaintances, new contracts – there are only good advantages.

Artem Kolupayev, Director of DCS Kazakhstan:

The impressions of participation are only positive. In fact, the event is very lively; almost all the leading companies in the industry are represented here. I think after this event we will have a fairly large positive response from our clients and partners whom we meet at our stand. We present a wide range of our new products. Several partners with whom we have already cooperate and still cooperate saw our new products and solutions by visiting our stand. Next year we also plan to participate in Securex Kazakhstan exhibition, since this event is very lively, a lot of industry specialists attend it. Here we hold a lot of face-to-face meetings at the stand, and also meet with the final decision makers of many companies.

Mr. Seyit Ali KAYA, Regional Manager of Iris ID Systems, Inc.:

First of all, I would like to thank Iteca for inviting us to this event. This is our first time in Almaty at your exhibition. The visitors showed strong interest in our products. We have already had fruitful meetings with potential partners and clients in Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. We are ready to offer these companies a value proposition with our unique solution. Thanks again to all participants and organizers. We plan to come again next year with several partners and present more offers to potential clients at the stand.

Artem Afirov, Business Manager of Suprema

Thank you for your invitation to Securex Kazakhstan. We are very pleased to be participants this year. Our company Suprema from South Korea takes part in this exhibition for the first time. We are represented here by local partners and invited our Solution Partner from Malaysia. We met interesting potential clients at the exhibition and met face-to-face our existing partners. Upon arrival in Almaty, I saw our products at the city’s airport and was pleased to see our installation in action on site. We believe that out potential is promising, and our solution is the best in its class, very interesting and very much in demand in the local market. We hope to be here next year too.

Migon Lyusina, Batna 24

We came here from Poland, and it is our first visit to Kazakhstan. We are very glad that we were able to participate in this exhibition. We have the opportunity to meet our clients with whom we are already in contact, and we hope to conclude new contracts in the future. We have not started our cooperation yet, but I hope that after returning to Poland we will conclude new partnerships. Next year we will definitely visit Securex Kazakhstan again.

Securex 2023 exhibition participants' reviews

Aleksandr Pavlov, Head of Sales Department, Absolute Defense Distribution:

We take part in the Securex Kazakhstan exhibition every year. This year we are presenting a big stand, and all the equipment is modern. We were pleasantly surprised by the organization: a lot of companies, highly entertaining, everyone tried to present something new and interesting. We were able to see new companies and talk to old friends. There was tremendous interest from visitors.  We distributed an invitation in advance in social networks, also we have a partner network in Kazakhstan, and we announced about the exhibition at our seminars and invited as many people as possible. There were quite a lot of guests from all regions of Kazakhstan, which is very encouraging. We plan to take part in 2024. 

Azat Bestayev, FERROOM Marketer:

This is the first year we are participating in the Securex Kazakhstan 2023 exhibition. We are very pleased with the organizers, and everything is perfect, and all the stands are amazingly decorated. We are also glad that we participated and made our stand prominent throughout the pavilion. Many visitors showed great interest in our products, especially Kazakhstan companies. We have a wide range of products, and we have covered almost all domestic sectors of the economy and market segments. During these three days we have preliminary concluded agreements on cooperation, and after the exhibition we will discuss the details of our relationship more thoroughly. The guys from Kyrgyzstan showed great interest in our company and discussed the distribution of our products in Kyrgyzstan.  Next year we plan to take part and present our dear customers with a more updated product line and new products. 

Dinara Kunantayeva, Head of Marketing Department, Logitex Market:

The Logitex Market company this year debuted at the Securex Kazakhstan 2023, and for us it is the first and very interesting experience, since it is the first time we perform in Almaty. This is a specialized exhibition, where there are no random people, where all the guests came purposefully to learn about security solutions. Our first impressions so far are superficial, as we see a certain audience, and we get acquainted. We are very glad to have met our partners, whose brands we represent in our product portfolio. It is a positive experience in communications and meetings.

We are very pleased with the location of our stand this year, we would like to increase the area, because the equipment that we present is much larger and more functional, so we would like to demonstrate the entire line of equipment. Of course, there is a desire to participate next year, but first we will make conclusions and summarize the results of the exhibition.

Timur Mavlyutov, Director of Impex Group LLC:

Our company, IMPEX GROUP, is from Russia, and we are taking part in the Securex Kazakhstan exhibition for the second time, as we made our debut last year and came back. The exhibition is productive, we always find potential customers here for themselves, who can personally see the equipment, to communicate with us, since we are located quite distant from Almaty. Therefore, for us, the presence at the exhibition is always interesting because of live communication and exchange of experience. We have specific equipment that is implemented at the design stage. There are already regular customers who work with our equipment, there are customers who only want to implement it in future projects, and they still have a lot of questions about the operation and configuration of equipment. Our range is practically not represented here, but there is great interest. Specialists hold live consultations, and tell about our products. Next year we plan to come to the exhibition with new equipment, to expand our stand accordingly. 

Aleksey Ovchinnikov, Director of Armex LLP:

This is the first time we have taken part in the Securex Kazakhstan exhibition. It is difficult for us to evaluate our participation, because we have nothing to compare it with. Previously we attended the exhibition as visitors. I liked everything about the organization. The results, I think, will be in a few days, or a month, when there will be customers' requests. We expect increased brand awareness from participation in the exhibition. The day before showed that people were interested in us, they came up and talked to us. We liked everything. If the result is good, we will take part next year.

Securex 2022 exhibition participants' reviews

Tsoi Artem, CEO of Trassir-Almaty (Kazakhstan)

Our company has been participating in the Securex exhibition since 2017. After a two-year break, we really liked this year's participation. The exhibition is lively and interesting. We got what we expected: potentially new customers, partners and distributors. The audience showed a high interest in our products.

Britkov Mikhail, UNV (Kazakhstan)

We liked the Securex exhibition, there are a lot of visitors. Last time we participated 5 years ago. There are quite a lot of people, the effect should be good. Presenting products, we received a lot of positive feedback. The audience is specialized, 90% of them are our key potential customers. It is important for us to familiarize guests with the equipment, to show what new items there are. At the exhibition, people see it live and choose our equipment in the future. It makes sense to participate, as there is efficiency. Next year we will also take part in the Securex 2023 exhibition.

Pcholkin Kirill, Head of Marketing Department, Safety Expert LLP (Kazakhstan)

Our company is participating in the exhibition for the first time, but we plan to perform next year. Because the exhibition gives an opportunity to get acquainted with partners, increase your business, exchange practical experience and expand your ranges. We express our great gratitude for this opportunity to participate.

Natalia Krutous, Head of the Foreign Economic Activity, Electrical Engineering and Automation (Kazakhstan)

We have been participating in the exhibition not for the first year. We think that the participation is very useful for product recognition, in order to find new customers, establish contacts with existing partners. That's why we always choose this format. There was a great interest in our products. There is a profile audience on the site. These are the designers who will put our equipment into the project. We provided them with technical advice and answered all their questions. There are also large trading houses that will keep our products in warehouses. We signed ready-made contracts, agreed on the terms of cooperation and on further work. For companies that are presenting for the first time, based on personal experience, I would like to say that it is definitely worth participating in such events. Especially in Eastern countries, people need to see the product directly, a photo in the catalog is one thing, and when they see, feel, they can visualize. Therefore, it is necessary to participate in exhibitions, bring and present products, it helps to promote your product.

Sizasco Galina, Head of the ССTV Department, Intant Trading House (Kazakhstan)

In fact, the exhibition is very long-awaited, as we have been locked up for two years, the pandemic has made itself felt. We thought over the idea of our stand back in 2020 and today we see the interest of visitors. We have received more than 300 contacts of visitors of the stand, a lot of questions about further promotion, further exhibitions, we hope they will be. People are very interested, they came from almost all cities of Kazakhstan. Here are our partners, new interested companies, and ultimate users. I think we will definitely establish contact with these people and will work in the future. I would like to advise those firms and companies that enter the site for the first time not to be afraid. This is the tenth anniversary exhibition, and, unfortunately, we see the same exhibitors. I would urge new companies not to be afraid, because the public is waiting for new products, longs for some new trends, new business lines in the security system, and we can say by ourselves: you can definitely make a profit in the future.