3-5 May 2023
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Securex 2022 exhibition participants' reviews

Tsoi Artem, CEO of Trassir-Almaty (Kazakhstan)

Our company has been participating in the Securex exhibition since 2017. After a two-year break, we really liked this year's participation. The exhibition is lively and interesting. We got what we expected: potentially new customers, partners and distributors. The audience showed a high interest in our products.

Britkov Mikhail, UNV (Kazakhstan)

We liked the Securex exhibition, there are a lot of visitors. Last time we participated 5 years ago. There are quite a lot of people, the effect should be good. Presenting products, we received a lot of positive feedback. The audience is specialized, 90% of them are our key potential customers. It is important for us to familiarize guests with the equipment, to show what new items there are. At the exhibition, people see it live and choose our equipment in the future. It makes sense to participate, as there is efficiency. Next year we will also take part in the Securex 2023 exhibition.

Pcholkin Kirill, Head of Marketing Department, Safety Expert LLP (Kazakhstan)

Our company is participating in the exhibition for the first time, but we plan to perform next year. Because the exhibition gives an opportunity to get acquainted with partners, increase your business, exchange practical experience and expand your ranges. We express our great gratitude for this opportunity to participate.

Natalia Krutous, Head of the Foreign Economic Activity, Electrical Engineering and Automation (Kazakhstan)

We have been participating in the exhibition not for the first year. We think that the participation is very useful for product recognition, in order to find new customers, establish contacts with existing partners. That's why we always choose this format. There was a great interest in our products. There is a profile audience on the site. These are the designers who will put our equipment into the project. We provided them with technical advice and answered all their questions. There are also large trading houses that will keep our products in warehouses. We signed ready-made contracts, agreed on the terms of cooperation and on further work. For companies that are presenting for the first time, based on personal experience, I would like to say that it is definitely worth participating in such events. Especially in Eastern countries, people need to see the product directly, a photo in the catalog is one thing, and when they see, feel, they can visualize. Therefore, it is necessary to participate in exhibitions, bring and present products, it helps to promote your product.

Sizasco Galina, Head of the ССTV Department, Intant Trading House (Kazakhstan)

In fact, the exhibition is very long-awaited, as we have been locked up for two years, the pandemic has made itself felt. We thought over the idea of our stand back in 2020 and today we see the interest of visitors. We have received more than 300 contacts of visitors of the stand, a lot of questions about further promotion, further exhibitions, we hope they will be. People are very interested, they came from almost all cities of Kazakhstan. Here are our partners, new interested companies, and ultimate users. I think we will definitely establish contact with these people and will work in the future. I would like to advise those firms and companies that enter the site for the first time not to be afraid. This is the tenth anniversary exhibition, and, unfortunately, we see the same exhibitors. I would urge new companies not to be afraid, because the public is waiting for new products, longs for some new trends, new business lines in the security system, and we can say by ourselves: you can definitely make a profit in the future.