13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION


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KAZSIEM is a company engaged in creating solutions in the field of monitoring and managing information security events and IT infrastructure based on real-time data analysis.

Among the company’s solutions is a software system for information security (IS) that allows collecting and analyzing information about IS events received from diverse sources. The work of KazSIEM allows you to see the most complete picture of the network infrastructure activity and information security events.

Brands: KazSIEM, KazSIEM Analytics, KazSIEM IoC, KazSIEM free

The company is developing SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system - a solution for detecting and preventing threats by analyzing events from network devices, security solutions, workstations, servers and applications.

Flagship versions of KazSIEM products include:

  • KazSIEM – a commercial version of SIEM (Security information and event management) class system, including real-time correlation, data visualization and search, long-term storage of raw and normalized events, incident management and reports;
  • KazSIEM Analytics – a module for the commercial version of KazSIEM system, complementing the capabilities of ML (Machine learning), DL (data learning), data visualization, asset management and many others, helping to detect threats and anomalies, solving various cases using modern methods;
  • KazSIEM IoC – a threat detection module for corporate devices based on compromise indicators;
  • KazSIEM free – a LM (Log Management) class solution that allows collecting, normalizing events, building reports, long-term storing, and visualizing data. KazSIEM free is a limited commercial version of KazSIEM.

Exhibition website: http://kazsiem.kz/

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