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Innodisk is a manufacturer of various components and modules for building video surveillance systems: memory modules, SSDs, video camera modules, universal computers and interface modules. NOVA company initially specialized in professional services for the design and production of electronic equipment for data centers. Now NOVA is a distributor of Innodisk and provides solutions for system design in field of industrial automation, communications, servers and embedded solutions in Kazakhstan.

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Using corporate resources, Innodisk has accumulated the experience and development of various divisions and subsidiaries to launch the solutions of Innodisk Edge AI series.

The focus of the Innodisk Group of Companies has now changed from AIoT to AI. Innodisk AI aims to provide edge artificial intelligence through its architecturally optimized edge AI platforms. Featuring a heterogeneous GPU, FPGA and ASIC compute architecture, Innodisk AI series integrates hardware acceleration into deep learning AI workloads to create more efficient systems.

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Memory modules with extended temperature range

Designed for industrial systems, Innodisk's Wide Temperature DRAM and PRO series modules are the best choice for applications operating in harsh environmental conditions. These modules use industrial-grade SDRAM components with 30nm gold-plated contacts to ensure high-quality signal transmission even at harsh temperatures from -40C to +125C. There is also protection from other aggressive influences.


Camera modules for artificial intelligence and computer vision

Camera modules, which provide additional protection from environmental influences, are used in a variety of applications, from bank machines to infotainment systems in hospitals. Innodisk optimized cameras meet the diverse requirements of these applications, including image recognition using artificial intelligence, where small MIPI cameras need to be integrated into a parkomat or smart charging station for numberplate detection, or into a production line for automatic defect detection.


The Innodisk line of USB cameras complies with the USB Video Class (UVC) protocol, a widely used camera standard compatible with popular operating systems such as Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android. Seamless plug-and-play functionality makes it compatible with almost all USB-enabled devices.

Innodisk MIPI-CSI2 cameras offer significant advantages, including high throughput and low power consumption, making them an ideal choice for embedded computer vision systems. A notable feature is that all MIPI-CSI2 camera modules are equipped with an integrated image signal processor (ISP). What makes Innodisk different is the ability to configure different Internet providers to suit specific applications

In addition to these features, Innodisk offers comprehensive services including camera design, production, MIPI drivers development and image setting

Company website: Nova-prom.kz

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