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99 underground and overgorund pedestrian crossings to be constructed in Astana

photo 1928799 underground and overground pedestrian crossings will be constructed in Astana, Tengrinews.kz reports referring to the officials of the Road and Passenger Transportation Department of the Akimat of Astana (the city's authorities).

"We have made a research and found out that construction of 99 underground and overground pedestrian crossings is required in Astana city. We have already defined the location of these crossings. 26 underground and overground pedestrian crossings are on the high-priority list. 25 overground and 34 underground pedestrian crossings are to be constructed as part of the Light Rail project," the Department's officials said.

The priority list includes the crossings to be constructed near Kazakhstan Temir Zholy headquarters, Diplomatic City, Park of Enamored, Nur Astana Central Mosque and Keruen shopping mall, Khan Shatyr shopping mall, Radisson Hotel, Izumrud restaurants and in densely populated residential areas. It was reported that pre-project works are underway at present.

One more overgorund pedestrian crossing will be constructed at Kunayev Street near the new Opera and Ballet Theater. "We have already started the construction of this crossing. The pedestrian crossing will connect the Theater's square and the Park of Enamoured. It will be 39,2-meter long and 90-meter wide. This pedestrian crossing will serve as a summer stage with an amphitheater. People will be able to enjoy music sitting at benches on the pedestrian crossing," the Department's officials said.

Earlier it was reported that Kunayev Street will be broadened to make six traffic lanes.
There are five underground and three overground pedestrian crossings in Astana at present.

For more information see: en.Tengrinews.kz

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