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Find “High-Definition” Solutions in Dahua Technology

image001In the era of "HD conquers all", almost all the applications, no matter that of vertical markets, peaceful city projects or home-use systems, all seek for a "high-definition solution", and with the maturing of the product line, the HD has gradually gone "solutionized", from a single device, i.e. camera or back-end storage to a whole set.

Here to talk about the two most discussed solutions — network and HD-SDI solutions. Network solution is to send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet, featuring advantages as high image quality, easy cabling and long-distance transmission, which exactly compensates the limitation of HD-SDI solution, although the latter presents outstanding image quality due to its non-compressed transmission. And with the further development, a fact has been widely recognized that "high resolution" is not the sole criteria to achieve good image quality. As a complete surveillance system, factors such as WDR, WB, S/N, BLC and other factors all affect the final visuals. However, with the differences in the performance of applied devices and budget concerns, the final effect is no way the same. In addition to the front-end camera, the back-end storage, transmission devices, monitors or video-wall all work jointly. For example, the network solution consists of IP cameras, IP-based transmission cabling, NVR and monitors, the HD-SDI solution the same.

For the above two solutions, Dahua Technology provides you with multiple choices. The megapixel network cameras range from 1.3Mp to 5.0Mp with various sizes and shapes. Recently, Dahua also introduced a series of featured cameras, like cameras with WDR function (both for 1.3Mp and 3Mp camera series), cameras with motorized vari-focal lens and etc. In addition to the cameras, Dahua NVR and CMS also take a good care of the system.

As for the HD-SDI line-up, Dahua has completed the HD-SDI portfolio with its new introduced 1U/1.5U HD-SDI DVR series, in addition to the existing star model 2U HD-SDI DVR.


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