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Solar energy based building to be constructed for EXPO 2017

President Nazarbayev attended the presentation of Astana EXPO-2017 architectural project, Tengrinews reports citing Akorda presidential website.

photo 37970Nazarbayev emphasized the importance of the continued usability of the EXPO-2017 buildings after the exhibition. In the President's view new buildings constructed for the upcoming exhibition must positively contribute to Astana and Kazakhstan in the long run. "We are negotiating construction of a 500 meter long roofed street. People will be able to enjoy walks in summer and winter times. The first two floors will have trade centers while the other three floors will have hotels, apartments and offices. I have already talked about a roofed city and now the idea is being implemented. In addition, there will be a large outdoor stage for various performances and a sitting area for more than three thousand people. Also, there will be a conference hall with three thousand seats. The complex will remain after the EXPO for the benefit of Astana natives and all Kazakhstanis, " the Head of the State said.

The President revived all design projects of the EXPO-2017's main venue presented by 50 bidders. 10 best projects were selected. Then the project made by Adrian Smith+Gordon Gill Architecture LLP was selected out of the 10.

"We were taking in consideration the company's vast experience in construction, but more importantly in the green economy," Nazarbayev noted.

Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized the importance of green projects and added that all the future construction in Kazakhstan would follow suit of Adrian Smith+Gordon Gill Architecture LLP. "For Kazakhstan and for the region in general, the exhibition complex is a great example. It will produce solar and wind energy and recycle wastes. Essentially, this vast complex would be able to generate electricity for itself. In case of a good wind and sun, the building would be able to provide some electricity for the city. It is new for Kazakhstan and we are doing this for the first time," the President of Kazakhstan added.

Adrian Smith of the Adrian Smith+Gordon Gill Architecture LLP said that sun would be the main alternative energy source in the EXPO-2017 complex. "Thanks to the design of the building 48% of energy will be saved thanks to it's contours and use of energy efficient materials in its construction. The building will be very energy efficient. For us it is a very special project as it embodies our philosophy. We want to build energy efficient buildings that produce their own energy allowing us to avoid losses during transmission of power from its source," Smith added.

Smith noted that the new building is designed in the shape of a sphere and is to become the major site of the Astana EXPO-2017 complex. "A hi-tech double coated and extra durable glass is used for the construction of the sphere. It will ensure sound and temperature isolation. The same technology was used in construction of a federal building in Seoul. We will work on even the smallest details to make the real building even more beautiful than the project. We believe this complex will become an exemplary project based on green technologies," Smith concluded.

The Head of the State added that a company responsible for monitoring the quality construction and keeping the schedule has already been chosen. Kazakhstan architects will now have to make sure that the spherical building blends into the general plan of Astana well. The President noted that there is not much time left before the exhibition and called to start the work was soon as possible.

"As our experience shows that a continuous cooperation between the architects and builders is essential for timely execution of a project. A project like EXPO is a great responsibility for our country because we not only have to receive 2 million visitors, but also to demonstrate the use of high technologies in construction. The exhibition complex would increase the popularity of the city," Nazarbayev stressed. The President hopes that the new complex will become a favorite place for many citizens and visitors.

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