13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION

Security Systems Bureau.KZ Company will present innovative and high-tech equipment to guarantee your security.

Security Systems Bureau.KZ, one of the leading and rapidly growing Kazakhstani companies, will demonstrate a wide range of the security systems and equipment at the Securika Kazakhstan 2018 Exhibition, which will take place on April 25th-27th.

The Company’s product line represents many famous developers and includes access control systems (ACS), equipment and devices for security, automation and dispatch management systems, integrated security and fire alarm complexes, fire-fighting installations, cable and expendable materials, uninterruptible power sources (UPS), accumulator batteries (ACB) and a lot more:

stels 277x277OOO NPP STELSM, a reliable partner network of high-class professionals, which supplies a considerable part of the products to all regions of Russia and Kazakhstan. STELS Company traditionally focuses on the long-standing strategic cooperation, giving confidence to its partners that such joint efforts to promote their products will derive even more benefits and success.

Electronstandart-pribor JSC designs, develops, manufactures and supplies fire and gas safety systems for the oil and gas industry. Over many years, since its inception, Electronstandart-pribor JSC has been fruitfully cooperating with the key petroleum companies of the country, being their supplier of fire safety and gas detecting systems and a participant of numerous large projects in the field of engineering, construction and modernization of various industrial objects.

POZHNEFTEKHIM Corporate Group offers up-to-date fire protection systems for the petroleum and chemical industries. These systems are designed and manufactured on the basis of the latest domestic and foreign developments in the sphere of fire precautions and safety.

Alytonika 277x156Products of Altonika: the main areas of the company’s activities include development and manufacture of automotive and industrial electronics, radio channel security systems, medical equipment and radio communications. Over 28 years of its existence, Altonika has made its way from a small-scale electronics production firm to the enterprise that works on large long-terms contracts. As of today, its commercial products are supplied to all regions of Russia and also exported to the CIS countries and far abroad.

polyvision sharp 277x277POLYVISION offers a wide range of the reliable and high-quality modern equipment and devices for video control systems. This trademark is widely represented and long known at the Russian market of security systems.

The leading manufacturer of explosion-proof equipment, Eridan JSC, produces equipment developed by the Company’s own engineering department. The products of Eridan impress with the ease in installation and compatibility with the equipment of other manufacturers as well as enhanced reliability. These features are daily confirmed in practice as Eridan-branded products are used by over 2000 companies in Russia, CIS countries, Europe and Middle East.

Logotip 2 277x123To learn more about these products, you are cordially welcome to visit the Company’s stand at Securika Kazakhstan 2018 Exhibition, which will be held in Almaty on April 25th-27th, Atakent IEC, Pavilion 9A.

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