13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION

Novelties of security and fire alarm system of 2018 from SPA «Siberian Arsenal»: wired, radio channel, console systems

LLP «Alma Arsenal» - a representative of Russian manufacturer of security systems of SPA «Siberian Arsenal» in the Republic of Kazakhstan, will present new solutions for security and fire alarm systems at the exhibition Securika Kazakhstan 2018.

Address radio channel system VS VECTOR - AR

Address security and fire radio channel system VS VECTOR-AR allows you to organize on-site full-fledged address fire protection and alert, protection from penetration by wireless means. Components of the system (receiving and monitoring addressable device and address radio devices - detectors and alerters) exchange information on a two-way radio channel at a frequency of 433 MHz. Power of radio signal does not exceed 10 mW; to use this device, permission and registration is not required.

Absence of necessity to lay cable network significantly reduces cost of system installation, allows you to integrate security system into existing interior, to move, and then, if necessary, to dismantle equipment.

For transmission of data in the system, two independently operating frequency channels are used simultaneously, which ensure high reliability of the system. When configuring the system, you can select one of 16-frequency letters containing two frequencies within specified range. This allows you to select optimal frequencies, taking into account jamming environment at a specific object and allows you to use several VS VECTOR-AR systems simultaneously on the object. Communication in the system is provided at a distance of up to 600 meters in open terrain.

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The system can use several variants of basic receiving and monitoring address radio channel device VS-PC VECTOR, the main of which is device VS - PC VECTOR-115.

The device works both autonomously and as part of remote system «VETTA-2020». The device works with increased number of radio channel detectors and alerters (radio channel devices), total number of which can be up to 64.

The device has 16 address security zones, each zone has status indicator of zone (Fig. 1). One or more radio channel detectors can be assigned to each zone. Assignment of security and fire detectors to one zone is possible, what provides complex protection of zones.

The device has one zone of wireless notification, to which all radio channel alerters are assigned.

The device has a simple and convenient interface for the user, as a result, adjustment of the device does not cause difficulties.

External wired light and sound alerters can be connected to the device, which produce corresponding signals when security zones are activated. Light alerter indicates arming of the device.

GSM access control device «GSM leader»

GSM access control device GSM LEADER is 

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designed to extend functionality of executive access control devices (barriers, chain barriers, house gates, automatic gates of various types, etc., hereinafter - access equipment).
The device manages access equipment via GSM communication channels, as well as monitoring of devices status (having dry contact output) and transfer of information on status change to notification phones.
The device is powered by an external 12 V or 24 V power supply (from power source of controlled equipment).


• Remote control of access equipment. Control is carried out by switching power voltage with the help of output executive relay of the device;
• Output relay is controlled by:
- access phones registered in device by means of call. At the same time, the call is automatically reset - withdrawal of funds from the phone is not possible;
- unregistered phones - optional.
• Number of access phones - up to 5000 pieces;
• Presence of additional executive relay, controlled by SMS;
• Presence of SMS-notification function to registered notification phones- status of external inputs of the device (three monitoring inputs) connected dry contact output of monitored devices (for example, output «Fault» of power supply, relay «COB» of control and indicating equipment «Alarm button», etc.);
• Number of warning phones - up to 6 pcs .;
• Configuration of device can be carried out:
- from the computer via USB-interface with the help of software configurator «GSM Leader» (hereinafter - Configurator) - full configuration;
- via SMS (SMS-configuration, protected by access password);
- addition of access telephones can also be carried out using a call from added phone (optional).
• Presence of master phone that allows SMS management, SMS-configuration, as well as SMS-request of balance without entering access password;
• Built-in event log with a capacity of up to 20,000 events;
• Presence of signal monitoring of cellular communication;
• Presence of removable external GSM-antenna allows, if necessary, to connect a remote GSM-antenna;
• You can request balance of SIM card of the device:
- automatically (see Table 7);
- by means of SMS-request (cl. 4.5).
• Possibility to upgrade firmware of the device by the consumer.

SPA «Siberian Arsenal» offers a wide range of remote and object equipment: central modems, receiving and monitoring devices, access controllers, turnstiles, sensors, aletrters, etc. Equipment from one manufacturer increases reliability of the system due to compatibility of its components, accelerates installation and configuration.

You can meet representatives of the company on April 25-27 at the 8th international exhibition “Security, Safety, Rescue and Fire Protection” Securika Kazakhstan 2018 in Almaty, KCBC “Atakent”.

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