13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION

Company Dahua Technology will present the best innovations of equipment at the exhibition

Leading participant of the exhibition Securika Kazakhstan 2018 - Dahua Technology Company, as a key global manufacturer and developer of solutions in the field of video surveillance, will present a wide range of novelties as equipment for security and video surveillance systems, as well as control systems and access privileges, intercoms, intrusion control equipment, systems "Smart house", data transmission systems and much more.

According to the release of IHS 2016, Dahua owns the second largest share of the global security market. In addition, in accordance with the volume of revenue from sales of solutions in the field of security systems, a&s Security magazine ranked the company 4th in its rating.

The R&D division has more than five thousand scientists, engineers and other professionals that provide high-quality technological advantage of our products: sensors, optical systems for cameras, data compression and transmission equipment, video analytics systems, network security solutions, graphics processors, software.

The company's products are created taking into account the latest technological achievements and are distinguished by a high level of quality.

Dahua presents a series of equipment H.265 XVR

Dahua H.265 XVR As a result of the improvement of the codec from H.264 to H.265 +, H.265 XVR provides a more economical way of storing data with improved compatibility and advanced intelligent functions. This equipment effectively solves the problems of storing video data received from UHD-devices 4K / 4Mp.

High quality with less volume thanks to the H.265 codec
Due to the high compression ratio of H.265 + / H.265 used in HDCVI equipment, the Dahua H.265 series offers new opportunities for video surveillance systems. Video codec H.265 + provides savings of up to 70% of bandwidth and storage capacity, while maintaining excellent image quality, leading to optimized storage systems.

Easy connectivity and reliable interoperability
Compatibility H.265 XVR ensures trouble-free connection to various video cameras and platforms or devices based on H.265 encoding. A more powerful processor supports up to four video analytics channels and a maximum of N + N with access to IP cameras up to 8Mp resolution for each channel. H.265 XVR can also be used as a more advanced device for storing data within the existing video surveillance system. Thanks to the conversion of the analog signal to digital, the entire series supports high quality lossfree sound broadcasting.

XVR 4.0 Integrated Intelligent Device
H.265 XVR features a convenient new generation interface XVR4.0 GUI, which combines an intuitive interface and simplified operation of the modules. Supported by the IoT system, the H.265 XVR provides comprehensive monitoring by communicating with various sensors (for example, a temperature and humidity sensor), which, if necessary, enables an alarm.

Built-in battery to work during power irregularity
The built-in battery of the Dahua XVR E model can supply up to an hour of power to the XVR and the camcorder, which supports the operation of the video surveillance system in case of power irregularity.

Dahua logoDahua H.265 XVR was first presented at the exhibition ISC West 2018, which was held from 11 to 13 April in Las Vegas. The device embodies the three key competencies of Dahua - "Innovation. Quality. Service ", which allow to create a safe society for a quality life. It can be seen together with all the new equipment from the Dahua Technology brand at the Securika Kazakhstan exhibition in Almaty on April 25-27, Almaty, Atakent Exhibition Center, Pavilion 9A, stand No.45.

IP Product solution
-AI (Artificial Intelligence)
• DeepSense IPC (HF8242F-FD / FR; HDW8341X-3D)
• DeepSense NVR (IVS-7000 series)
-IPC (Network Camcorder)
• Ultra series (Panoramic, 8000)
• Eco-savvy series (ePoE, Eco-savvy 3.0)
• Lite series (Lite 2.0)
-NVR (Network DVRs)
• Ultra series (NVR600-4KS2)
• Pro Series (NVR5000-4KS2)
• Lite series (NVR4000-4KS2/NVR2000-4KS2)

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