13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION

At Securex Kazakhstan 2020, the ERVIST company will present the following brands: Wagner, Bercut, Condor, Elan

Explosion-proof and industrial safety equipment

logo ervistERVIST - is the biggest supplier of explosion proof security and fire safety equipment in the Russian market. The company carries out sophisticated equipment of facilities with security systems designed for severe operating conditions. These are systems for work in explosive and aggressive environments, seawater, extreme climatic conditions.

фото 2 Titanus Ex


TITANUS-Ex explosion-proof suction fire detectors are specially designed for early warning of smoke presence in hazardous areas, which may contain explosive gases and combustible dust. The sensors have explosion-proof labeling- 1Ex d IIB T6 Gb / Ex tb IIIB T85 ° C Db.                                                                                                                

фото БУ ЕЛАНЬ Ехd


The Elan fire detector is the first and only Russian fire thermal line detector that uses this technology to detect a fire by temperature changes. The ИП 132-1-P Elan linear thermal fire detector is designed to detect a local increase in ambient temperature and transmit the “Fire” alarm signal to the fire alarm loop when the set operating temperature and/or the set heating speed are exceeded. The ИП 132-1-P Elan detector also allows you to determine the distance to the place of temperature change.

фото кабель ЕЛАНЬ Ех 1 1The use of non-electric measuring instruments, the use of fiber-optic cable allows the detector to be used in the oil and gas enterprises, mines, pits, underground workings, in chemical industries (including those with aggressive environments), and metallurgy and energy enterprises. The sensitive element is installed in a controlled area near the protected equipment or on the ceiling and walls of the shielded room in any hard-to-reach places. The responsive element can be operated under the influence of salt fog, moisture, dust, aggressive media, vibration, and elevated temperature. 


Brands: Wagner, Bercut, Condor, Elan

Wagner - suction systems for early fire detection.

Bercut, Condor - video surveillance systems in explosion-proof and industrial versions.

Elan - thermal linear optical fiber fire detectors.

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