13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION

We continue to acquaint you with the participants of the Securex Kazakhstan 2020 exhibition, who are already thinking about promoting their products

Unique radio-channel fire alarm systems, as well as volume and acoustical detectors by TEKO company

TEKO has been leading its history since 1992. The company was established as a plant, CJSC Scientific and Technical Center "TEKO" for the production of security and fire alarms, which has its development center and assembly line. The head office is situated in the Russian Federation, Kazan city.

8025TEKO is one of the first companies in the industry to implement the ISO quality management system. The company has been a leader in security systems for over ten years. The products are manufactured under the single ASTRA brand and are widely known throughout Russia and the CIS countries. Consumers of products are organizations and individuals who care about personal safety and preservation of property. The company specializes in the production of volume and acoustic detectors, as well as unique radio-channel fire alarm systems.


Astra-A Equipment:

71520467 2240944022682892 5173706536630878208 o- Smoke detector Astra-42A
- Thermal Fire Detector Astra-43A
- Manual fire detector Astra-45A
- Address Label Astra-MA (innovation)
- Addressable Extender Astra-A РПА
- Control panel Astra-814 Pro
- Power source Astra-712/0 rev. 2А
- Astra-823 Relay block
- Display unit Astra-863 rev. A/rev. Б
- Addressable relay block Astra-BRA (innovation)
- Reception and control device Astra-8945 Pro
- Monitoring software package ПКМ Astra-Pro
- Signal relay block Astra-824
- Laser remote control Astra-942


TEKO thought out a variety of fire warning scenarios. Therefore, the Astra-A system is equipped with:

  • Detectors that respond to smoke and heat.
  • Sensors that work manually and after pressing a button trigger an alarm, fire extinguishing, or smoke removal.
  • Communication line insulators in case of short circuit.

70768211 2240943916016236 4199551281804607488 oAdvantage and uniqueness of the solution:

  • Combining up to 1750 addressable detectors under a single device control.
  • The use of a 2-beam smoke chamber, which can significantly reduce false alarms of detectors for dust and moisture.
  • Free monitoring software package with the ability to display information on graphic plans.
  • A 4-wire connection reduces the requirements for ALSS and reduces the polling time of addressable detectors (250 detectors in 8.5 seconds) to perform tap-offs from sensors and save up to 30% on cable. The total length of the ALSS is up to 1000 meters.

You can assemble the fire safety system that is optimal for the room and your goals. All this is with the Astra-A equipment.

0Security Hub is the smart assistant in your home.

Choose the initial configuration and expand its capabilities depending on your desires:
- Starter kit: subscriber controller, network adapter, radio motion sensors, and door/window openings.
-   Package complemented by a video camera.

Choosing a Security Hub, you get:

-   Quality sensors and devices at a reasonable price.
-  The ability to independently select tools and configure the system. All sensors are wireless, and you can easily install them yourself.
-   Free mobile application for remote control.
-   Programmable scripts, divided into "Smart Home", "Lighthouse" and "Security" groups.
-   Warranty for equipment for up to 5 years.


And that's not all - the equipment is protected from hacks, power outages and other force majeure.

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