13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION

Another portion of news and new products from the INTANT company, a participant of the Securex Kazakhstan 2020 exhibition

INTANT Company presents cable products of the Kazcentrelectroprovod (KCEP) company, HIKVISION video cameras and the NVR Business (B-Series) line from Macroscop

intant 250pxThe level of technical specialists training and the availability of a production base today allow us implementing the full cycle from development to production of almost any fiber-optic cable designs. Thanks to this, the company has the opportunity to fulfill an order of any complexity in full accordance with customer requirements.


Using advanced technologies from leading fiber manufacturers, engineers are developing unique cable designs adapted to cable routing conditions in various regions and climatic zones.

  • FTTH network 
  • Internet access speed over 100 Mbps
  • Production capacity: 33 000 km of fiber optic cable per year.

For 25 years, KCEP has been the driving force behind the introduction of innovations in the significant sectors of the Kazakhstan market: communications, electric power, railway automation, and others.

INTANT Company introduces DS-2CD2123G0-I and DS-2CD2023G0-I Models in a new stylish black case!

amg13Compact outdoor IP video cameras in vandal-resistant cases with IP67 protection standard, which allows them to fully function in the temperature range of -30 ° C ... + 60 ° C. The video cameras, despite their modest size, give out a picture in a resolution of 1920 × 1080. Image enhancement: WDR 120 dB (double scene scan) corrects defects that occur in case of sharp contrasts of lighting; 3D DNR suppresses noise and graininess that occurs in poor lighting; BLC compensates for background illumination.










Macroscop is a software for building intelligent IP video surveillance systems (CCTV systems), analyzing video streams, for example, searching for records of a specific subject or person, detecting and recognizing faces, automating the counting of people in queues, crowd detection, and so on. The software is already used by the Ypres county police department in Belgium, the Italian judicial police, as well as brands such as Hugo Boss, Mövenpick, Hilton, Lukoil, and many others in 55 countries. The company is a resident of the Skolkovo innovation center, headquartered in Perm.

AI (from English 'artificial intelligence') is artificial intelligence, the property of intelligent systems to perform creative functions that are traditionally considered the prerogative of man, as well as the science and technology of creating intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.



The NVR Business line (B-Series) is designed for small video surveillance systems. These are seven basic NVR models with one network interface card and desktop components. Any of series model can include 12 hard drives. NVR Business products can work with 200 channels, which means they are suitable for almost any small business.

NVR is a device designed to record, store, and intelligently process video information. By accumulating feedback from professional players in the video surveillance market and end-users of CCTV systems, Macroscop specialists completely updated the range of NVRs, turning each of them into an effective solution to the problems of small and medium-sized businesses, government agencies and extensive inter-regional facilities. 


Now, 17 basic NVRs from Macroscop are divided into three series: Business, Enterprise и Professional.

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