13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION

Lighting and acoustic equipment for special vehicles from NPKO Elekt company

Lighting and acoustic equipment, alarm installations, intercoms, communication and warning equipment for special purpose vehicles

Логотип ЭЛЕКТFor more than 28 years, the Research and Production Commercial Company Elekt has been developing and manufacturing light-acoustic equipment, signal installations, intercoms, communication and warning equipment for special-purpose machines, as well as providing their warranty and after-sales service.

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All over the world, law enforcement and rescue services have their own attributes of presence and operational assistance, easily recognizable by citizens, such as beacons and special sirens. They give cars of traffic police, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, ambulance and fire fighting services of the Ministry of Emergency Situations the right to travel on the roads of the city and serve them as irreplaceable assistants in everyday service.


фото 12Зенит миниElekt has been manufacturing light-signaling equipment for special vehicles for more than 20 years. During this period, the enterprise has developed and produced more than one hundred items of products. The unique design of the products makes them recognizable and meets the requirements of the most stringent consumers, not only in Russia but also in the CIS countries. Production at the enterprise is carried out according to the full technological cycle: from development of design documentation to assembly and testing of finished products.

  • ZENIT Signaling loudspeaker
  • PROTON Signaling loudspeaker
  • MIRAZH Signaling loudspeaker (under hood)
  • PHOTON Lighting panel
  • ORION Lighting panel
  • PULSAR LED beacons
  • Kwasar-3 LED Strob lights

фото 122Зенит миниToday, the Elect company is one of the leading innovative enterprises in the industry of the country. Modern requirements of the global market force the company not to stop there, but to constantly develop and move forward with regard to new developments. Close work with specialists from law enforcement agencies allows us to improve and develop modern facilities that correspond to the nature of the service. Because reliability, wear resistance, high quality and the ability to work in various climatic conditions are the main qualities that the equipment of special services should have.

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