13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION

Set of devices for automatic control of fire and technological systems, "Sprut-2" fire automated system

Address-analog fire alarm - System "C300" from the "Plasma-T" company

logo 1Plasma-T Company is a producer of fire extinguishing system since 1999. It creates and mass-produces professional equipment for fire protection systems for various purposes. This is both fire automatics for fire alarm, fire extinguishing systems, and technological equipment (monoblock automatic fire extinguishing pumping units, pressure boosting systems and various signaling devices) that works both independently on small objects and integrates into single complexes to protect objects of any size and complexity.

Brands to be presented at the exhibition:

SmartStation, Sprut-2, Sprut-NS, AAFA ‘C300’; Shak commutation equipment cabinet

The SmartStation installation is a high-pressure pumping station that is designed to pump and increase the pressure of water in cold water supply systems (including drinking water supply) at any facilities. BLOCK-BOX pumping unit.

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Shak commutation equipment cabinet is designed for:

  • switching power circuits for fire, sprinkler, deluge pumps, metering pumps, jockey pumps, electric valves, compressors, fans, cold and hot water pumps, heating circulation and heating pumps, drainage pumps, alarm and control relays;
  • power supply of three-phase loads and DC loads.
  • switching of power circuits with automatic switch to reserve power

ААПС Система С300 1 1C300 System - Address-analog fire alarm

Sprut-2 fire automated systems - Set of devices for automatic control of fire and technological systems

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