13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION

Intelligent software and devices for image and data processing in the sectors of transport identification and management

Cameras for license plate recognition, speed control and traffic rules compliance. Scaners for passports and other ID documents

ARH Inc develops, produces, and proposes highly reliable intelligent software and devices for image and data processing in the sectors of transportation identification and management. The company's customers are system integrators who develop innovative solutions for their partners, introducing the latest ARH technologies.

Лого Зип ТимARH entered the market in 1991, and from the very beginning, the company has been committed to innovation, quality and reliability. All elements of its business model converge on building strong partnerships by ensuring customer satisfaction. ARH pays particular attention to supporting its partners with the common goal of successful business development.

56More than 25 intelligent transport systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan have been successfully implemented using our solutions.

1. ParkIT System® is an automated, advanced vehicle access and parking control system using automatic license plate recognition technology

2. SYSTEM FOR READING, IDENTIFICATION AND VERIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS Optical character recognition - reads and automatically extracts text information from identity documents and converts it into digital data










3. CARMEN® GO Application Standalone license plate recognition software from a live or recorded video stream

4. License plate recognition camera is designed to capture images of vehicles for the purpose of recognizing a vehicle license plate - even if they are moving at high speed (up to 255 km / h)










5. Speed control camera is a combination of a specially developed camera for highly accurate license plate recognition, software and a speed measuring tool with the ability to categorize vehicles.

6. Intelligent transport systems for measuring the dynamic and static parameters of vehicles - measuring dimensions, weight, speed, center distance, determining the class (type), number of vehicle axles

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7. Vehicle weighing system in dynamics. Measurement of the total weight and load on each axis of the vehicle in motion at speeds from 0 to 250 km / h

8. System for measuring dimensions and determining the class (type) of a vehicle

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