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Dahua records over 50% growth for first-half of 2011

Zhejiang Dahua Technology posted strong growth of more than 50 percent during the first half of 2011, reaching sales of US$123 million. In addition to approval from customers worldwide, Dahua also gained recognition within the industry which has helped to reinforce its reputation.

Founded in 2001, Dahua has taken giant leaps during the past decade. Years of devotion have led to a rich product portfolio, which moves Dahua closer to its goal of becoming a total solution provider. Over the years of contribution, Dahua will continue to commit customer-minded strategy and play the role of "being your exclusive tailor" to know how and "sewing in" customers' specific demands and requirements.

Dahua has a complete range of product with the high performance that industrial players are looking for. The portfolio ranges from video surveillance (cameras, storage devices, and software) to ITS to access control, from entry-level to an array of high-end products. In their current portfolio, the existing HDcctv series, the Effio series, and IPCs (ranging from 3.0MP to 5.0MP) are popular in the market due to crisp clear visual performance. As for the back-end storage line, their DVR3.0 marks a new milestone with its customer-oriented interface and multi-functional capability. The DH-DVR3204HF-S provides quality in full D1 recording on all channels to ensure image and recording quality. According to the company the recently released NVR6000 even earned the nickname of ‘The Super NVR’ from their marketing channels.

Following the concept of "being your exclusive tailor", Dahua aims to provide custom-made products and solutions to satisfy their group of customers, resulting in a positive outcome to Dahua itself. As a total solution provider, they have kept their eyes and ears open with respect to feedback from their customers, in order to learn their demands thoroughly and to demonstrate the spirit that Dahua wishes to project. This peace-of-mind strategy has led to an impressive sales growth during the first half of 2011.

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