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Germany and Kazakhstan strengthens trade relations

Kazakhstan’s economy has been boosted by the increased number of investments from German companies. Siemens, ThyssenKrupp, Knauf, HenkeL, Klaas and Metro, Deutsche Bank, DEG, Allianz and Hermes, along with 800 enterprises with German capital, currently have operations in Kazakhstan.

Germany ranks in 7th position as an economic partner to the Central Asian nation, and 9th position in terms of countries with investments in Kazakhstan. In 2010, the trade turnover between Kazakhstan and Germany exceeded 5 billion euro. 90% of Germany’s trade turnover generated from the Central Asia market derives from Kazakhstan.

This strong trade partnership demonstrates many new business opportunities for German and international security solution providers. It also highlights the profitable and safe business climate Kazakhstan has to offer.

A German company leading the way through the Kazakh security market is Bosch. Bosch intends to increase their sales in Kazakhstan by 30%, and generate 12 million Euros worth of sales by the end of 2011. Their products include, but are not limited to, power tools, thermo-technology, security systems and hydraulics.
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