Leading Russian developer of Contact and Voyager monitoring and security systems

Remote monitoring, management, security, integration with external systems

Rhythm Company is a leading Russian developer of monitoring and security systems. All hardware and software is manufactured in St. Petersburg. The company produces well-designed comprehensive solutions that include on-site equipment and software that automate the organization’s business processes — better control, protect effectively, spend less and earn more.

Ритм Контакт GSM 16 Three main areas of activity of the Rhythm company:

 -  The system of monitoring and control of objects under the Contact brand;

 -  Satellite monitoring of mobile objects (GPS-trackers) under the Voyager brand;

 -  Software development. Devices and solutions are the result of our own research and development, as well as the result of the use of modern technical equipment.

  • The security and fire panel "Contact GSM-16"
  • Security and fire device "Contact GSM-14" Wi-Fi
  • Security device “Contact GSM-9N”
  • Voyager 4N
  • Voyager 6N

Ритм 5a small kb1 retinaGeoRitm is a modern information system that includes many software modules for remote monitoring, control, security, integration with external systems.

Contact is a wide range of equipment for monitoring and protection of real estate.

Voyager is a wide range of equipment for monitoring and protection of vehicles.


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