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Dahua 32channel full-D1 DVR delivers improved images

The DH-DVR3204HF-S introduced by Dahua Technology is based on the N6 platform, which adopts a powerful dual-core CPU and an excellent DSP to ensure its strong performance in terms of preview, recording, playback and network transmission.

Although a 32 channel DVR is not entirely new to the market, previous 32 channel DVRs have been based on a CIF real-time recording ability and in the opinion of Dahua, hardly met the current demand. The debut of the DH-DVR3204HF-S they believe will change the current situation and will bring to market a DVR with full D1 (4CIF) real-time recording ability for each channel.

The DH-DVR3204HF-S has been implemented dual-core CPU at H.264 dual-stream video compression. This DVR supports up to 32 cameras at 1080P real-time preview and full channel at D1(4CIF) realtime recording. It allows all channels to perform simultaneous real-time playback whilst at the Grid interface it can perform a smart search. It performs 3D intelligent positioning when working with Dahua PTZ dome cameras. The DH-DVR3204HF-S 32ch DVR can accommodate 8 SATA HDDs for storage capacity of up to 24TB (1 eSATA up to 12TB, 4 USB2.0). It is offered with web server, CMS(DSS/PSS) and DMSS built-in as standard.

In addition to that, like other DVRs based on the N6 platform, DH-DVR3204HF-S has strong HDMI, VGA and TV output abilities at 1080p and it also supports a spot-out feature, which allows surveillance scenes to be easily controllable. Its Smart Search function offers searching efficiency by simply marking the area to search, then the system will automatically come up with the relevant video recordings in the right order from the list. Or, alternatively users can go to the Logs (a menu item), simply click on the list of logs to instantly playback the relevant video automatically.

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