13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION

2,500 video cameras installed as part of the Almaty ‘Safe City’ program

Video cameras have been installed in public venues, schools, higher educational institutions and major crossroads in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Implementing these new technologies will promote the importance and efficiency of maintaining public order in a city which struggles to combat crime.

Andrey Kvashnin, Chief of the Operative Management Centre, Almaty Department of Interior Affairs and Colonel of the Police, states: “On the eve of the new academic year, 1,464 video cameras will be activated at 176 schools. 700 video surveillance systems will also be installed in high schools and colleges.

Besides reviewing the control of inspectors, Almaty Department of Interior Affairs has 447 video cameras planned for public buildings. At present, the primary function of the video cameras is to maintain public order, and public safety during sporting events. In future, 400 cameras will be installed at 107 crossroads – these cameras will be able to read registration plates, as well as reveal past driving offices or infringements of individual drivers.”

In addition to the ‘Safe City’ program, a ‘Safe Courtyard’ will also be introduced where 1,000 houses and 70 complexes in the city with have a video observation system. It is planned that 80% of apartments within Almaty will have a intercommunication system on the front door.

Colonel Kvashnin has further emphasized the importance of involving the community to maintain public safety. He stated that to reduce property thief, meetings with the Chairmen of the Flat Owners’ Cooperatives and the tenants will be conducted. These discussions will be based on strengthening the security of housing with signal systems, code locks, intercommunication systems and video surveillance. Meetings between the community, the local police and chiefs of the regional Department of Internal Affairs will also be undertaken.
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