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Hikvision is the new market leader for video surveillance equipment

IMS Research declares that Hikvision was the largest global vendor of CCTV and video surveillance equipment in 2011. Last year, Hikvision was fourth.

For the third consecutive year – according to IMS Research – Hikvision again remains the number one worldwide supplier of DVR products. In the surveillance cameras category, including analogue as well as network cameras, Hikvision is fourth.

“We are pleased with the results of the recent IMS report. This achievement highlights our efforts in the security marketplace and is an affirmation of our ongoing business model,” noted Polo Cai, Vice President of Hikvision, “Furthermore, IP surveillance – which has experienced consistently strong growth over the years – remains a key focus area for Hikvision,” he continued.

“Choosing Hikvision is an investment in the future. Our customers appreciate the fact that we are the world’s leading supplier of comprehensive video surveillance products and possess the resources to match their unique market structure and support their current and long-term needs,” Polo Cai summed up.

“In a span of a year, Hikvision soared to become the world’s no.1 CCTV and video surveillance equipment provider, improving from last year’s fourth position. This result confirms their efforts. By following technology trends such as the transition from analogue to network video surveillance, Hikvision has achieved greater market expansion,” noted Gary Wong, senior analyst at IMS Research.

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Hikvision is the largest global vendor of CCTV and video surveillance equipment in the world.

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