17-19 May 2023
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Professional Alco- and Drug Testers

Medical Gas Systems LLP was founded in 2008. The main activity of the company is the sale of medical devices, mainly oxygen supply equipment, therapeutic gas supply systems, gas analyzers.

Have your employees medically examined or tested for sobriety and drug content quickly and conveniently with professional alco- and drug testers with the services of Medical Gas Systems Company!

Alcotesters - devices for quick and accurate determination of alcohol intoxication - ethanol vapor analyzers - alcotesters for professional and individual use.

Prof.analizatorAlcostop 8000S







      AlcoStar G3 Professional Ethanol Vapor Analyzer                                      Alcostop 8000S Professional Ethanol Vapor Analyzer
                      (with verification certificate)                                                                                         (with verification certificate)


Drug tests - simultaneous detection of three to fourteen types of drugs in a person's urine.

Test stakan

Drug test cup for 14 types of drugs

You can find a complete list of products on the official website of the Company, and by subscribing to the Facebook page you can receive the most relevant information on new products, promotions, etc.

Buy professional and individual alcotesters in Kazakhstan. (mgs.kz)
Buy alcotesters in Almaty, Astana - Professional Alcotesters for sobriety check (alcotester.kz)
QuickProfile (USA) drug testers in Kazakhstan (about 20 types of detectable drugs) - buy drug tester in Almaty, Astana (narcotest.kz)

We are waiting for you at our stand from May 18 to 20 at Securex Kazakhstan 2022 exhibition!


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