3-5 May 2023
Almaty, Kazakhstan



Research and Manufacturing Association Perspektiva LLP Group of Companies is a domestic software developer and manufacturer of video surveillance and video analysis systems.

1. Video surveillance and video analytics of urban infrastructure and VT facilities (vulnerable to terrorism).
2. Proprietary UCVSS (Unified City Video Surveillance System) software for processing, analysis and storage of video streams.
3. Technologies for recognition of state license plates of vehicles
4. Photo and video fixation systems for violations of traffic rules of the Republic of Kazakhstan
5. Emergency communication with the operator of the Center, in case of danger or threat.
6. Ability to create a single situation center to ensure the safety of the facility.

"Citizen-Police" Emergency Communication Terminal - a system for audio communication with the operator and obtaining video images from the place of installation of the terminal.

Terminal 1

"Megacam.Argus-Barrier" - stand-alone ARGUS Gate solution for recognition of license plates and access control systems. The system automatically recognizes the number of cars, checks against a white list entered by the user, and gives the command to permit passage of the car, by opening the barrier or automatic gate.

"Megacam.Argus-Boundary" Hardware and Software System is an autonomous solution for automatic recognition of state license plates (hereinafter SLP), with the ability to automatically send recognition results to a remote server.

Portable Video Recorder PVR-05 - personal audio-video recorder "Guardian PVR-05" is used to directly equip employees of organizations and is designed for autonomous synchronous audio-video recording of the situation in the area of duty by the employee


"Vizir" Transportation Security System - a system of video surveillance in specialized vehicles, which allows you to record the situation both inside the car, and on the way. The system includes video surveillance camera, microphone, video recorder and uninterruptible power supply system.

"Bodycam" mobile application is designed to equip employees of specialized organizations for autonomous synchronous audio-video recording of the situation in the area of duty by the employee.

Telescopic folding mast for installing video cameras and / or communications (wi-fi antennas, cell phones, etc.).
The variable length tripod makes it easy to set the mast upright also on uneven surface due to the additional telescoping of the tripod stops.

Website: www.perspektiva.kz

We are waiting for you at our stand from May 18 to 20 at Securex Kazakhstan 2022 exhibition!

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