13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION


From 3 to 5 May at the Securex Kazakhstan 2023 exhibition, the company "TRASSIR-ALMATY" LLP will present: : IP cameras; IP Neural network video recorders; Digital cameras; access controllers; Software for video surveillance systems, video analytics; Software for ACS; Video surveillance systems; Turnstiles; Networking equipment (Switchers); Face recognition terminals; Card readers.

Brands: Trassir, Ajax, HiLook, Seagate, PERCo

DSSL company is a recognized leader in the development, production and implementation of digital video surveillance systems. The solutions we offer help to optimize operations through business intelligence, control personnel and transport, and reduce losses. The multi-faceted, scalable, flexible and ergonomic systems meet the requirements of 99% of customers. We have tens of thousands of installations on public, commercial and private facilities. Since 2002, DSSL creates and improves security video surveillance systems as we have gained invaluable experience and have become a key player in the market. Our developments and innovations bring Closed-Circuit Television System to a new level - the level of intelligent security and control. TRASSIR software is not just a software that gives you an opportunity to combine cameras of different brands into one project, but a powerful professional tool for implementation of CCTV systems at any level - from a small store to an airport.

IP cameras:

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IP cameras of various ranges and viewing angles: with IR illumination and ultra-wide-angle lenses, as well as software modules for business audit, video, audio and neuroanalytics.

IP Network Video Recorders:

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NeuroStation comes with TRASSIR OS preinstalled. The functionality includes basic modules and support for specialized software, including those implemented using neural network technologies.

Access controllers:

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ACS, or access control and management system is a set of measures to ensure a high level of security in factories, offices, stores or on private facilities. It is a system with technical and hardware installed at access points (gates, doors, barriers) to control people and vehicles that try to enter or leave the area.

Software for video surveillance systems^

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TRASSIR is a professional software for security systems. The software supports analog and IP cameras of any resolution, as well as HDD / SSD of any size, which allows you to get the best image quality and not limit yourself in the size of the archive. This is a cross-platform and cross-browser professional video surveillance system. In addition, this is not just a video monitoring program, but professional software for building multi-level security systems with support for OPS, ACS, ATMs and a number of other devices.

Company website https://dssl.kz/
Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/dssl.kz/

Detailed information about the products will be available at the stand of TRASSIR-ALMATY LLP from May 3 to 5 at Securex Kazakhstan 2023!

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