Kazakhstan International Protection, Security, Rescue and Fire Safety Exhibition
28-30 April 2021
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Exhibitors List 2014

AIPS 2014 Official catalogue with Exhibitors List Download | 10.7mb pdf

AIPS 2014 - Official catalogue with Exhibitors List
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  • 2GIS (Kazakhstan/ Russia) – Press.
  • 2N (Czech Republic) - Intercom systems, GSM Gateways, IP Public address systems, M2M, Wireless routers, UMTS Gateways, and more.
  • ACUMEN / EIKO (Taiwan / Kazakhstan) - Video surveillance systems production.
  • AKINAK BODIGAR (Kazakhstan) - Security Systems.
  • AKS KAZAKHSTAN, LLP (Kazakhstan) – Fire-protection by paints and lacquers.
  • ALMATY POZHTORG SERVICE (Kazakhstan) - Supply, sale, and installation of different brands of security systems.
  • ALSANA, LLP (Kazakhstan) - Design, equipment supply, installation and maintenance of CCTV systems, fire alarm systems and access control.
  • ALSI -ASIA-PAGE (Kazakhstan) - Electronic communication facilities, communication equipment.
  • ARMYNEWS.RU (Kazakhstan) – Press.
  • ASIA TECHNO COMPLECT (Kazakhstan / USA) – Fire safety system.
  • AXIS Communications (Sweden) - Axis offers network video solutions for professional installations featuring products and solutions based on innovative and open technical platforms.
  • BEZOPASNOST (Russia) - Press (magazine).
  • BIC INFORM, LLC (Russia) - Security systems equipment.
  • BOLID NVP JSC (Russia) - Security systems, automation, and control equipment manufacture and supply.
  • BUSINESS SPECTR KAZAKHSTAN (Kazakhstan) – Press.
  • China National Group* - Various.
  • CONSEL, LLP (Kazakhstan) - Fire-extinguishing systems.
  • DAHUA (China) - Dahua Technology is a world-leading and advanced video surveillance solution provider.
  • DIGIS LLC (Kazakhstan) – Systems integration.
  • EGIDA GROUP, LLP (Kazakhstan) - Security systems production and sale.
  • ELICS, GROUP OF COMPANIES (Russia) – Engineering and sales of security systems.
  • ERVIST COMPANY LLC (Russia) - Security and fire alarm equipment.
  • EUROBACK ASSOCIATION(Kazakhstan) – Press.
  • EUROCOPTER KAZAKHSTAN ENGINEERING LLC (Kazakhstan) - Helicopter manufacture.
  • F-F (Ukraine/ Kazakhstan) - Integrated Security Systems.
  • FIRE AUTOMATION SERVICE NPO, LLC (Russia) - Complex building fire automatics systems.
  • FIRE PROTECTION (Kazakhstan) - Fire alarm system, gas and powder fire extinguishing, security alarm system, video surveillance.
  • FIRE SAFETY SEARCH.COM (United Kingdom) - Press .
  • FIREPRODUCTSEARCH.COM (United Kingdom) – Press.
  • INTERFASION, LTD (Russia) - Supplier of woven and knit cotton fabric for manufacture of fashion garments and work wear.
  • ISS-SERVICE, LLC (Kazakhstan) - Security Systems.
  • JABLOTRON (Czech Republic) - Highly-advanced wired/wireless systems, car alarms, electronic detectors and cellular communicators.
  • KAZAKHTELECOM (Kazakhstan) – Network services, internet
  • KOMMUNALNIK, GOMEL PLANT OJSC (Republic of Belarus) – Fire safety system.
  • KOSTANAY CRS LLP / PIONEER (Kazakhstan / Russia) - Security and fire alarm equipment.
  • LIDER 101, LLP (Kazakhstan) - Fire safety system.
  • MAVILI (Turkey) - Fire alarm control panels, infrared modules, detectors, gas alarm systems.
  • MICRO DIDZHITAL KAZAKHSTAN LLP (Kazakhstan) - Sale of CCTV video surveillance systems from South Korean production.
  • MIDVISANA ENGINEERING LLC (Kazakhstan) - Production of special equipment.
  • MINISTRY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION OF CIVIL DEFENCE, EMERGENCY SITUATIONS, ELIMINATION OF CONSEQUENCES OF NATURAL DISASTERS – EMERCOM OF RUSSIA (Russia) -Agency for Support and Coordination of Russian Participation in International Humanitarian Operations of the Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergencies of the Russian Federation.
  • MIR KACHESTVA (Kazakhstan) - Press (newspaper).
  • NEWAGE FIRE PROTECTION INDUSTRIES PVT (India) - are specialist Manufacturers of Fire Protection Equipment and Systems.
  • N-Net (China) - Manufacturers of active network equipment and fiber-optic communication systems.
  • NUR.KZ (Kazakhstan) – Press.
  • OGNESPAS, GALAXY SERVICE LLC (Russia / Kazakhstan) – Fire safety system.
  • OHRANA.KZ (Kazakhstan) - Press.
  • ORION NPK LLC (Kazakhstan) – Production of Security Systems.
  • PANASONIC, CENTRAL ASIA/ ST NETWORKS LLC (Kazakhstan) - Security systems, telecommunication equipment.
  • PARITET, INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL HOUSE (Russia) - Supply wire and cable.
  • PLASMA-T (Russia) - Production of automatic control equipment for firefighters and technological systems.
  • POZHTECHNIKA AKTOBE (Kazakhstan) - Fire safety system.
  • POZHTECHNIKA GROUP (Russia) – Fire safety system.
  • POZHTORGSERVIS ALMATY, LLP (Kazakhstan) - Fire-fighting equipment.
  • PULSAR SYSTEMS ТОО (Kazakhstan) - Supply, sale, and installation of equipment for safety system.
  • RIELTA (Russia) - Security systems and devices for light switches.
  • RUBEZH (Russia) -Design fire alarm systems of various complexity, manufacture and sale smoke detectors and power supplies, install security systems of various complexity.
  • RVI GROUP COMPANY (Russia) -Wide range of CCTV equipment under the RVi brand.
  • SECURITY AGENCY IT'S, LLP (Kazakhstan) - Security activities, distribution of security equipment.
  • SECURITY DIGEST (Russia) - Press (newspaper).
  • SECURITY SOLUTION (Russia) - Press (magazine).
  • SECURITY SYSTEMS WORLD, LLP (Kazakhstan) - Supply, installation, and maintenance of security systems, CCTV, security and fire alarms, etc.
  • SIBERIAN PROJECT PC (Russia) – Fire safety system.
  • SISTEMSERVIS (Russia) – Emergency voice alarm communication system.
  • SMD (Russia) - Security and fire alarm equipment.
  • SOURCESECURITY.COM (United Kingdom) - Press.
  • SPECIAL APPLIANCE LLC (Russia) - Intrinsically safe fire automatics, analytical equipment.
  • SPECTRON TPP,LLC (Russia) - Security and fire alarm equipment.
  • SPEECH TECHNOLOGY CENTER,LLC (Russia) - Hardware tools.
  • TECO - TRADING HOUSE (Russia) - Security systems.
  • TERRALINK TECHNOLOGIES (Kazakhstan) - Integrated Security Systems, Access Control Systems.
  • THEBIGREDGUIDE.COM (United Kingdom) – Press.
  • THREE A, Group, LLP (Kazakhstan) - Security systems.
  • TIR RTD LLC (Kazakhstan) - Sale and installation of interactive laser shooting.
  • TRADING HOUSE INTANT, LLP (Kazakhstan) - Supply, sale, and installation of different brands of security systems.
  • TUMEN TD, LLC (Kazakhstan) - Security Systems.
  • UNITEST TD, LLC (Russia) – Development and production of security and fire alarms.
  • URALSKIY ZAVOD SPECPOKRYTIY (Russia) – Fire-protective paint for steel construction.
  • VARIUS TECHNOLOGIES LLC (Kazakhstan) – Security Systems.
  • VIVOTEC (Taiwan) - Offers a comprehensive product line-up, including network cameras, video servers, video receivers, NVR, and central management software.
  • WORLDMONITOR (Kazakhstan) - Press (magazine).
  • YELLOW PAGES OF KAZAKHSTAN (Kazakhstan) – Press.