13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION

Welcome Letters 2014

Dear participants
of the Vth Kazakhstan International exhibition “Protection, Security, Fire Safety and Rescue - AIPS 2014”!

On behalf of the Ministry of Emergency situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, I cordially welcome the participants and guests of the Kazakhstan International exhibition “Protection, security, rescue equipment and fire safety - AIPS 2014”!

As the Head of State noted in his Address to the people of Kazakhstan “Kazakhstan’s way-2050: Common goal, common interests, common future”, Kazakhstan shall become one of the most safe and comfortable countries in the world for human habitation. Therefore, holding such events is of great practical importance and allows professionals to get direction in the diverse world of rescue equipment, learn about latest technologies in the field of emergency management and to exchange views on their practical application.

Along with the demonstration of advanced developments, the exhibition helps to strengthen business and occupational contacts between representatives of government institutions, manufacturers and suppliers of security equipment produced by leading domestic and foreign companies, allowing extensive use of best practices and latest developments in our country.

I wish the participants, guests and organisers of the Kazakhstan International exhibition “Protection, security, rescue equipment and fire safety - AIPS 2014” fruitful work and well-being!

V. Bozhko
Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Dear Ladies and Gentelmen!

On behalf the Group of companies "Egida" I welcome participants and visitors of Kazakhstan International Exhibitions AIPS 2014 "Protection, Safety, Means of rescue and Fire-prevention protection". I am glad that today we at high level can discuss one of basic requirements, both each person, and a society as a whole – requirement for Safety.

From the moment of a birth, and all subsequent life, the person aspireto safety. At first, with watchfulness examining an infinite stream of cars on road which needs to be passed for the first time independently. Then, captiously choosing for the family the house inspiring trust, the car, bank. Feeling of safety, reliability to become for us base.

Confidence of that we will necessarily see, happy with life and full of strength, relatives. Safety every day.All it, norm of life of the developed, progressive society.Societies which has a future. The group of companies "Egida", the professional relation to the work, the achievements, proves this statement.

The group of companies "Egida" – is one of leaders in the market of systems of the safety, a giving full spectrum of services, both in Kazakhstan, and in territory of the Russian Federation. Priority directions are manufacture and sale of systems of safety, and also installation, monitoring designing, maintenance service and consulting services. For today the Group of companies "Egida" is a wide spectrum relevant to the present moment of services, strict quality assurance of work, introduction of progressive technologies, continuous perfection of system servicing. Thanks to a coordination of actions and a generality of the priorities, for today the group "Egida" by right are considered as the powerful tandem forming a new view of a society on safety issues.

Group of companies "Egida" – a command of the progressive, dynamically developing, modern companies which basis success is made by the highly professional approach to business.

Leaning against expertise of use of reliable systems of safety, we provide safety of life, health and property of clients, by introduction of innovative technologies in the international market. Each client is valuable to us. Each project is unique. Advancing time, we aspire to leadership in the safety world. I wish all participants and visitors of Kazakhstan International Exhibition AIPS 2014 "Protection, Safety, Means of rescue and Fire-prevention protection" success and productive work!

Victor GUSEV
General Director
Groups of companies "Egida"


Dear guests and exhibitors!

On behalf of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan I welcome you and congratulate with the opening of the Almaty International Exhibition "Protection, Security, Fire Safety and Rescue" - AIPS 2014.

I can say with certainty that this exhibition, thanks to its saturation with new solutions and effective proposals, every year becomes more and more urgent, and ultimately enhances the security of the state, every citizen of Kazakhstan and guests coming into the country. During the exhibition, during communication with the representatives of the exhibitors, during exchange of opinions and discussions on the stands, each specialist has an opportunity to assess and  learn about new developments and technologies, adopt the best practices. In general, the participation in the exhibition is not just the traditional parade of achievements in the field of security systems - a real instrument for shaping a modern and efficient system of public safety. I am confident, that novelties and best practices of the exhibition 2014 will not remain unclaimed by the specialists of the industry.

I wish all the exhibitors and visitors successful work, new solutions and achievements, development of cooperation. And, of course, safety!

Trade Representative of the Russian Federation
 in the Republic of Kazakhstan                                            
Alexandr Yakovlev