13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION

Welcome Letters 2016

Ladies and gentlemen!

On behalf of the Local Administration of Almaty I would like to welcome the participants, guests and organizers of the 6th Kazakhstan International Exhibition Securika/AIPS 2016 – “Protection, Security, Fire Safety and Rescue” and the 2nd Specialized Exhibition ITS 2016 – “Information Technologies and Security”.

One of the key priorities of the Plan for Development of Almaty by 2020 is to ensure public safety, to prevent natural disasters and man-caused disasters.

In view of this, the annual exhibitions Securika /AIPS 2016 and ITS 2016 are of particular relevance.

I am sure that this event that brings together on its platform the manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, technologies and services for safety, rescue equipment and fire protection, will be one of the most significant industrial safety events in Kazakhstan market.

I wish all participants, guests and organizers of the exhibition fruitful work and achieving Your goals!

Deputy Akim of Almaty
Yerlan Aukenov

Dear Ladies and Gentlmen!

On behalf the Group of companies “Egida”, I welcome participants and visitors of Kazakhstan International Exhibitions Securika AIPS 2016 “Protection, Safety, Means of rescue and Fire-prevention protection”. I am glad that today we at high level can discuss one of ba requirements, both each person, and a society as a whole – requirement for Safety.

From the moment of a birth, and all subsequent life, the person aspire to safety. At first, with watchfulness examining an infinite stream of cars on road which needs to be passed for the first time independently. Then, captiously choosing for the family the house inspiring trust, the car, bank. Feeling of safety, reliability to become for us base.

Confidence of that we will necessarily see, happy with life and full of strength, relatives. Safety every day. All it, norm of life of the developed, progressive society. Societies which has a future. The group of companies “Egida”, the professional relation to the work, the achievements, proves this statement.

The group of companies “Egida” – is one of leaders in the market of systems of the safety, a giving full spectrum of services, both in Kazakhstan, and in territory of the Russian Federation. Priority directions are manufacture and sale of systems of safety, and also installation, monitoring designing, maintenance service and consulting services. For today, the Group of companies “Egida” is a wide spectrum relevant to the present moment of services, strict quality assurance of work, introduction of progressive technologies, and continuous perfection of system servicing. Thanks to a coordination of actions and a generality of the priorities, for today the group “Egida” by right are considered as the powerful tandem forming a new view of a society on safety issues.

Group of companies “Egida” – a command of the progressive, dynamically developing, modern companies which basis success is made by the highly professional approach to business.

The General Director of Egida
Viktor Gusev

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan I would like to welcome all participants, organizers and guests of two exhibition events: the 6th Kazakhstan International Exhibition “Protection, Security, Rescue and Fire Safety” and the 2nd Kazakhstan International Exhibition “Information Technologies, Security and Communications”.

The emergence of new external challenges, the threat of terrorism, increase in the number of natural and man-caused disasters require the improvement of the entire integrated security system of our country, that will contribute to enhancing the safety of the state, each citizen and the guests coming to the country.

The presented exposition demonstrates the latest achievements and developments in the security industry and the protection of information. Through dialogues with the representatives of the participant companies, by exchanging views and discussions each specialist has the opportunity to discuss current problems, evaluate new solutions and learn from the experience of colleagues.

I am sure that these activities provide an opportunity for participants to inform about their position in the industry, demonstrate the potential, strengthen business relations and expand the horizons of cooperation. It is encouraging to see that both Kazakh and Russian manufacturers of security systems present their products.

I wish all participants, organizers and guests of the exhibition fruitful work, effective interaction, sustainable partnerships, good luck, prosperity and success in achieving their goals!

Trade Representative
of the Russian Federation
in the Republic of Kazakhstan
A.V. Yakovlev

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of “ATAKENT” KBCC and myself I am pleased to welcome the participants and guests of the 6th Kazakhstan International Exhibition “Protection, Security, Rescue and Fire Safety” Securika/AIPS 2016 and the 2nd Specialized Exhibition “Information Technology and Security” ITS 2016 .

Life safety is one of the main tasks of any employer. And taking into account modern requirements, the need for new technologies and the continuous improvement of security services is increasing.

The joint holding of ITS and Securika/AIPS Exhibitions allows to attract the largest number of professionals interested in products and services for ensuring integrated security of the enterprises in various sectors of the economy.

I wish the participants and guests a good mood, quality meetings, fruitful work and success in achieving their goals.

Chairman of the Board of Directors
“Atakent” KBCC JSC