13th KAZAKHSTAN INTERNATIONAL Security, Fire Protection, Information Technologies EXHIBITION

Results of AIPS 2012

AIPS 2012, the Protection, Security, Fire Safety and Rescue Exhibition, featured 50 exhibiting companies from Italy, Kazakhstan, China, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Poland, and Croatia.

Over 2,000 industry professionals visited the event, held from 14 to 16 March 2012. 77% of all exhibitors showcased brand new products and developments from their stands.

AIPS 2012 was opened by speeches from the Deputy Interior Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Amantai Kurenbekov; the Deputy Director of the Almaty Department of Emergency Situations Alexander Kuznetsov; the General Director of Egida Viktor Gusev; and the Executive Director of Iteca Yuri Borodikhin.

“Ensuring security requires coordination of the efforts of executive power bodies, companies, services, and organisations. Sharing experience, cooperation, and concrete actions are needed to provide confidence in tomorrow. I am grateful to the organisers for organising a protection, security, and rescue exhibition,” said Mr Kuznetsov in his opening speech at the event.

Over the three days of the exhibition, 1,996 industry professionals registered to visit, 50% of whom had full decision-making powers in their company, with 7% stating in the post-show survey that they signed contracts there and then at the exhibition. 56% of the visitors surveyed were happy with the range of products and exhibitors. In terms of what the visitors wanted to achieve at the exhibition, 86% of visitors wanted to find out about new developments; 62% wanted to establish new business links; 34% were hoping to maintain existing links; 29% aimed to sign contracts; and 24% were aiming to attend seminars and presentations.

The exhibitor survey showed the following trends: 46% of those surveyed considered the levels of productivity achieved by exhibiting as ‘excellent’, 46% as ‘good’, and 8% as ‘satisfactory’. In terms of the number of useful contacts made at the exhibition, 3% made over 200, 18% made 100 to 200, 31% made 50 to 100, and 46% made 10 to 50. In the case of 28% of those surveyed, new contacts made up over 70% of all contacts made, this figure being 50 to 70% for 23% of those surveyed, 20 to 50% for 18%, and under 20% for 23%.

18% of exhibitors signed contracts at AIPS 2012. 85% will be exhibiting again next year, and 79% of all exhibitors surveyed would recommend the event to their colleagues and partners.

“At exhibitions, key figures in business and Government and senior and middle managers discuss the dynamics of and prospects for innovation. They come to exhibitions or conferences because they are the only places to give presentations and showcase new developments to thousands of reporters and analysts and tens of thousands of professional visitors. The distance that they travel to take part in these kinds of events pales in comparison with the amount of ground they would have to cover to achieve the same results and make the same level of business contacts in the field,” said Viktor Gusev, General Director of Ediga.

“I am delighted that AIPS becomes a more and more respected event every year. In 2012, we managed to combine the formats of B2B and G2B (Government-to-business) which without a doubt has made participation in the event a lot more effective for our exhibitors. The meetings that take place here have become very important ones,” Mr Gusev continued, speaking at the close of the event.

Konstantin Darmanyan, Head Technical Adviser at DOK-ING, in an interview following the event, said the following: “This is the first time we had taken part in this exhibition. Our company is a world leader in developing and producing robotic systems in three main areas: humanitarian mine-clearing and anti-explosive device technology, fire-fighting in high risk conditions, and using robotics in the mining industry. We have two factories in Croatia, and all our developments are unique and made to order. Our robotic technology is currently being used in various ways in 26 countries.

“Along with a whole range of interesting conversations, we held four key talks with various agencies and organisations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. I consider this a good result of exhibiting. We gave a short presentation to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who was very interested in our products, and there were also several colleagues from various Government bodies also keen to find out about our robotic technology. Above all, the technology was so popular because it is explosion-proof and can be used in confined spaces. In addition, depending on the task, several of our models are equipped with high-quality camera vision, including thermal imagery to be used in smoke-filled areas where visibility is poor. All our robotic systems are multifunctional, unmanned, remote-control machines. We see great potential for business in Kazakhstan and we have already established our first contacts. Now it is time to understand the market for ourselves and set our targets,” Mr Darmanyan continued.

Alexander Tatyannikov, Development Director at Pozharnaya Avtomatika, said: “The exhibition was interesting. This was the first time we had taken part in AIPS, and we promoted our image as providers of a full range of gas fire extinguisher systems, including the new ‘Dukislotnie’ and ‘Khlodonovye’ models, and a new range of ‘Energentnye’ gases. We source our components from Europe and test them extensively, and this is why our products are ready for Kazakhstan. We held a series of meetings and are possibly establishing a representation here.”

Rustam Safargaliev, Access Control Systems Department Manager at Intant, was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and level of preparation of the visitors at AIPS. “The visitors are not a random cross-section, they are interested in the market. I would say 90% of visitors knew exactly what they wanted. They came to us asking questions like “What do you have in the way of video surveillance or access control?”, which I really liked. It greatly increased the efficiency of our work at the stand,” he revealed.

Dmitry Portnov, Engineer in the Security Systems Department of Panasonic Rus, was also impressed. “Results from the exhibition were extremely positive. Compared to exhibitions in other countries, AIPS is very much ‘up there’. Panasonic used this exhibition to present to the CIS market for the first time a vandal-proof outdoor camera with infra-red capabilities, alongside a camera with a wide-angle lens for use in transport. A line of full HD cameras was also announced, the first of which was presented at the exhibition,” he said.

The wide range of countries represented at AIPS only adds to its high status, the event featuring stands from the official Kazakhstan representatives of brands from the USA, Russia, Japan, and South Korea. The exhibition showcased the latest developments from world-famous producers of integrated security and CCTV systems, innovative fire-fighting solutions, specialised equipment, and much more.

AIPS 2013 will take place in Almaty from 13 to 15 March 2013 in Pavilion 9C of the Atakent Exhibition Centre.

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